Foundation year: 2018Founder: TMTSOFT

Digital suggestion for any educational institution

We are modifying the school world right now! Schools and other educational institutions need modern and innovative suggestions. We can offer you that.

1. Our experts integrated our technologies to the systems of schools and other educational organizations

2. The leading of your school system was never that easy before, like with the use of our software

3. We developed a unique script, which offers you maximally effective leading of your school and analyzes the work of your educational organization.

With our help, your informational technologies will be always on the top.

We developed a platform and any institution can connect to it and digitalize their work.

Our suggestion is allowing you to lead classes, teachers, schedules, subjects, to follow work hours, attendance and breaks, analyzing marks for a trimester, quarters and many other options.

At this program, we made two options for mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Your students and their parents will always know an educational plan, following attendance and marks on the screens of their mobile devices.

Thanks, keeping code actualized and modern, our suggestion is any time ready for integration to any school or educational institution.

We are anytime ready to answer any questions.

With best regards

Team of developers TMTSOFT



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